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株式会社ジョイソリューション IT経営コンサルティング
What is "漢字探偵" ?
It is a service to examine the difficult kanji. Of course, We will provide you with all the information that was examined not only the meaning of the Japanese or Chinese characters, and how to enter the personal computer and how to read! If you do not have the Japanese or Chinese character, import it to the PC and creation of the Japanese or Chinese characters can provide any chance, the personal computer!
It is that simple, but you you have gotten a look at this page, If one is to help you to study or business, our Blessed. In addition, difficult kanji not only Japanese, Chinese as well and we will respond.
Service contents
1) Examine Chinese (Traditional), introduction to the personal computer and created
2) Examine the Chinese (Simplified), introduction to the personal computer and created
3) Examine the Japanese, the introduction of the personal computer to create and
Service fees
1 dollar one dollar
For the translation of the text, including the kanji difficult one, you will be in it as $ 2 Other
About creating web images and content, including the difficult kanji, we will quote according to your request 2 Other
Service flow
1) Please fill in contact you to attach a photo such as image of difficult kanji your requests by e-mail.
2) After confirming the contents of the e-mail here, you can answer your billing information and delivery time.
3) After confirming the payment, production work will start.
4) Will be delivered by e-mail at the dates of promise.